20 Seventeen


“This is an outlet for my passion to spread positivity and joy to people. While constantly raising my standards, in what I believe my abilities are. Letting money be the by-product of my actions.”

– Giovanni Cerro

Hello, my name is Giovanni and I’m here to lay it all on the line, to take giant leap of faith by starting this blog and putting my life in sixth gear so I can attain my dream of being a speaker. I’m here to really challenge myself in what I think is truly possible. I have a job and bills just like everyone else does, but I often wonder: what if?

What if I decided that today that I will make no more excuses and I will do everything in my power to get where it is I want to go?

We are beautiful sentient beings with the power of choice. When you really understand the power of choice it can transcend you. You may ask, transcend… how? This is where I personally become overwhelmed and I have to remind myself that new changes take time. My impatience placed me in a constant cycle of starting and stopping until finally I just stopped working towards my goals and I became stagnant. I continued back to my daily routine and allowed life to beat me down into complacency.

Now I know I can’t reach my goals all at once and I learned that if I make small tweaks to my daily habits, I can start changing my attitude about what is possible. By waking up a little bit earlier each day, I started to find the answers to my own questions. I realize the importance of life is going through challenges to find out what and who we may cherish most.

We all have 24 hours in a day and most of us work and some of us have even more responsibilities that only continue to pile on. If you try to step into this type mindset I promise it’s worthwhile.

Here is where the fun begins! Fun? What do you mean this work is fun? Yes, of course it is fun.

Our life is a game with the world that conspires to help us achieve our dreams. When I take action towards something that is important to me, I inherently tell the world, “This is important to me!” The same goes for every time my actions go against what I believe is important, I tell the world, “This is not important to me.” We must align our thoughts, actions, and speech everyday with things that truly resonate with us. Imagine yourself a magnet: your thoughts and actions push and pull events into your existence. It is vital we take positive steps each day in the direction we want to go, to form a strong foundation for the journey.

I believe that by raising our standards, honing in on our abilities, being positive, and spreading the ideal of having a mission in life, we must take action towards a type of life where we set the bar high on what we believe we can achieve.

My mission is to inspire others to be lifelong positive force and to influence others to do the same.

Will you join me?

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5 comments on “20 Seventeen

  1. I’m with you, Giovanni! 2017 is going to be the year of truly investing in what’s important to me. I’m very excited to keep up with your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am in for 2017 great year ..Keep your thoughts and ideas coming.


  3. Patricia Joy Cerro

    You are the best! I am proud to be able to follow you throughout the year as you inspire all of us to maintain a positive direction. You can be our guide.

    Patti Joy


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