Our Inner Superhuman

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take chance at what you do want”.                                                                                                                                                                      -Jim Carey

“That is what I am doing with this blog, taking a chance and putting in work.”

-Giovanni Cerro

Merriam Webster’s definition of resolve is “to change by disintegration or to reduce by analysis”. For me this really captures the essence of what it means to resolve something. When we have a problem in life we will never remedy the situation if we don’t analyze what worked and what didn’t work.

This year I decided to look at what it is I want what it is I don’t want what has been working for me and against me. My major problem was not knowing what I wanted. It was the pain of letting go of my comfortability. I hate to say it, but I liked my routine, I knew it well. I went to my job, did menial work, went home, and surfed the couch until I was tired or hungry and start all over again. The problem here was that I was living with a no purpose or direction. I was getting caught wandering in circles which is unmotivating in itself. Enough was enough. On the most cliché day of the year December 31st, 2016 at 10:30 PM I decided time to change shit up. I put my beer down, went to bed and the next day I woke up at 6 AM ready to go. I purchased a domain name, wrote my first blog post since then everyday I wake up and choose to be better.

First we must recognize what it is we are passionate about, it will come to you in small waves of information over time. Be open, be patient. For me, my passion is spreading a message of holding yourself to a high standard and that money is not the main focus for living. Find value beyond money. We all have a mission in life. The key is to find the idea that you feel passionate enough about because it will literally give you abilities that would qualify as superhuman.

“Gio there is no way I will be superhuman.” Have you ever seen a power lifter put up 800 pounds or pull a mac truck? Have you ever heard Elon Musk speak? I quote, “if you are willing to work 80,90,100 hour weeks you will accomplish in 3 months what it takes others a year.” Now can we be honest with ourselves for a moment, asking ourselves the hard question. Am I doing enough? Just take a moment believe that somewhere inside of you resides a superhero.

Give yourself fifteen minutes to write down what that superhero inside of you with all its super abilities would accomplish this week. For example, read four books, run 50 miles, accomplish three months’ worth of class work, write seven blog posts, or become president. Write down all of your ideas, don’t stop. By allowing yourself to not over think will keep you in a flow state of mind.

Do that now then continue reading.

Once the fifteen minutes are up cross out anything like ‘become president’ because we cannot complete that in a week, but kudos to you for having such a strong superhero inside. All the other stuff you wrote down is just a glimpse of what you truly believe you are capable of. What if to accomplish your goals it would only take you a few small adjustments daily?  In order to do everything on your list you may need to wake up at 430 AM or you may need to work on the weekend, or maybe watch TV less, or better yet lessen social media time. I know I could get lost for thirty minutes easy mindlessly scrolling down my Facebook or Instagram feed.( My blog post on reducing stress)

Ask yourself how you would feel after a week of crushing it? Seriously how would it feel, if you made a list of a seemingly impossible week yet you wrote down a strategy an accomplished everything? Only you can answer that question, but also ask yourself, why not try it? It is only a week…

Most of you are probably reading and thinking, why did you change?

Deep down inside something told me, “you are wasting your valuable time.” It is so easy to tread through the day on autopilot and I cannot feel like I’ve wasted more day like that. I want to grow and experience the highest expression of myself. I had a choice to make. Change, so that I could live with my mission to positively affect others by trying to help them reveal their potential by working to reveal mine or… tread water forever.

This blog is a place where I am vulnerable I am not educated in social media or blogging I am unfamiliar with trying to be so productive, and no college education. Seems odds are not in my favor, but the one thing that makes me burn the midnight oil is that I know I can achieve more and with that knowledge it keeps me wanting to see what I am capable of.

In accomplishing my goals, I start my day at 4:30 AM and end around 10 PM. I have a lot of ‘wants’ for this year:  1,000 followers on my blog, 9% body fat, develop new skills such as web design and coding, create new relationships with like-minded individuals, join the Toastmasters club, and take some financial literacy courses.

Holding ourselves to a higher standard means working as hard as we can where we are. In order to level up, we must put in the work. My message to you is patience. Make a plan for where you are headed, know you will get there; realize that you’ll most likely endure a struggle and need to go through it in order to achieve it. Put in the work each day and concentrate all your energy on the things that matter most.

We don’t want to get to the end of our lives realizing we treaded water the whole time.

1 comment on “Our Inner Superhuman

  1. Patricia Joy Cerro

    I have always praised your intelligence and creativity. I am so proud of you and am especially happy that you are heading in a positive direction realizing that YOU CAN accomplish anything you set your mind and heart to do. Continue to fill your heart with love and joy!

    Patti Joy


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