Think Tank With Myself

Earlier yesterday I was gliding through my Facebook feed and I saw a post about what you would say to your 20 year old self at the age of 30. Now, I have seen these before and dismissed them. Not this time; this time I asked myself what would I tell myself? So, here it is advice from older me to younger me.

Party life is not what it is cracked up to be.

I know you are 21 and you feel as  if you have been inducted into adulthood. Going to the bar right now seems to be the bee’s knee’s, but let me give you some advice. Learn to reward yourself differently celebrate your achievements in new ways. Having a cocktail is fun, but don’t wire yourself to think that is the only way.  There are plenty of other healthier alternatives. It may just take a little time to find out what those are, but it is worth the search.


I know school can suck, feelings of being unsure about the direction you are taking and to pile it all on you don’t think you are going to use the degree. Let me school you… When you find something you are really interested in. It is going to be much easier to dive right in rather than having to start school from scratch.

Save money.

DUDE trust me save some money. You are going to feel more at ease with yourself with 1,000$ in your savings then living pay check to pay check. Plus good saving habits are healthy way of reducing stress.

Love will find you.

As for love, when you are not looking for it, making good decisions, and following you interests/ passions someone will meet you at the intersection.

Don’t worry about it. It will just happen.

Follow your interests.

You are better off following your interests then trying to do something for a large pay day. Follow your heart and maybe it is doesn’t show in your bank account, but in your happiness and health account it will. You can’t quantify those because they are worth way more than money.

Find some cheap hobbies.

Cheap hobbies keep a man rich. You are going to find yourself either needing to save money or in a place where you don’t have a lot left over after the month. I think it would be a good idea to find some cheaper hobbies that will satisfy you. Even when you feel broke.

Truly care about your well being.

Care about yourself. No, seriously you need to give a fuck about how you treat yourself. Life is supposed to be enjoyed and you won’t be able to part take in the game if you don’t take care of your physical,mental, and spiritual selves. When you start learning to do this life seems a bit brighter.

treat yo

Lastly do me a favor. Drink less, exercise more, eat healthy, save money, see new things, care about how you feel and not about how others feel about you, keep high standards, and enjoy the game called life. you are not going to get it all right, but at least you can learn and evolve as you age.

See you at 40 old friend.

Love you…Love Gio….Love me

3 comments on “Think Tank With Myself

  1. Gail Grivois

    Gio, sounds like good advise you are giving yourself. I would add one thing: meditate daily. 😊


  2. Gail Grivois

    Sounds like good advice you are giving yourself, Gio. I would add one more: meditate daily.😊


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