Your Life; Written.

This is a story of my future, I will use this as a road map to get where I want to go.


There was a young man who hoped to raise his family out of the mediocrity which they seemed to be born into. He often wondered how he would accomplish this task. Reading books on wealth, listening to motivational tapes, looking at possible business opportunities, and going back to college was always on the back of his mind. None of these options fired him up, he would start one thing and never finish. For a while, he didn’t accomplish much at all. He became complacent in life and allowed his dreams to fade away.

One day he started looking at the things in his life that brought him joy and peace, writing, poetry, and hope. A hope for a better life for every single person in his family. He wanted to use his gifts for good, to bring his family out of mediocrity.

Thus, an idea was planted deep into his mind. He knew he wasn’t the only one out there wishing for a way out. For the faith to do things that seem impossible. He decided that if he could help and reach one million people, he could create a dream life where he imagined the world would be a better place.

His mission had begun: influence a million people not earn a million dollars. It is easy to make a million dollars, it is hard to convince a million people to change their mind about how they perceive their future. I know use the medium I have been gifted, I wanted to change a million peoples mind about the story they live.

This is how my story starts.

It was a Tuesday night around 7:30 P.M. I got off of work early, I came home to an empty house. I sat on the couch as I normally do to watch Netflix or YouTube. These were normal occurrences in my life. An hour here, a half hour there, just wasting time. It came as no surprise that I was not very happy with how my life was turning out. I mean I have my website, I have a good job, I’ve been fixing typewriters for extra cash, but it was not enough. I knew I could do more. So… I stayed on the couch and ate chocolate until dinner then continued to watch more TV.

Lets be serious: who wants to get uncomfortable? Who wants to take an honest look and say, “I am not working hard enough to achieve my dream.” I didn’t… but then I did. The next day I said no more fucking around. I got up went to the gym and quickly moved to my next task which was taking a look at my website that I have been ignoring for a few weeks now. Why? Because it takes time to do the work and unless you can force yourself to wake up, eat shit and eat shit daily and wait.

This becomes tough because patience is tough.

Patience feels like forever when you think you have a golden egg and everyone else sees something else, but I stuck with it day in and day out. Never giving up, never ceasing to think anything less that this is my golden egg my leap to the top of the ladder where I bring my family up too. I made a plan to reach a million people in two years. I made a commitment to myself, and I need to keep trying.

I developed my craft. I studied others work. I took time to see how other people reached a million people. At the same time worked a day job to pay bills. Went through ups and downs, days where getting out of bed were a momentous task. Time came where I had to remove things and people that didn’t serve my purpose. No more breaks those were a thing of luxury. How could I take a break when there are a million people out there who need my help? When there are young people in shitty situations looking for someone tell them, “it is possible don’t give up keep going.” This is what keeps me going.

The idea that I have the power to change someones life for the better. I work everyday in every aspect of my life to be my best self. To think, speak, and act in harmony because that is truth.

With my new found energy I was given the strength to endure long hours to say no to things that I wanted. Six months went by and my website was roaring with people knew who I was, they knew that I was hungry for success and was ready to face adversity too. Then the hardest challenge appeared. Face what every entrepreneur is scared of the slump a slow down in traffic. That is the time to hold on, at the darkest of night, you are the closest to day. I held on, I continued to put out material I wrote even though I felt unsure. I was grinding with all I had and it felt good even though I was not getting the results I wanted, but I knew if I was going out I am going out on ‘E’ no more gas in the tank. Six months go by nothing. Six months more go by and it seems like nothing is getting better. Another year goes by and my 2 year deadline passes, it looks like there is no hope in sight. Then the day comes and someone goes “YOU, I have seen your work” and they give you the opportunity of a lifetime because you refused to give up. Because deep down it was never about getting noticed, it was about making the world a better place. That is my dream life, making the world a better because I was here.

If you feel the same. Join me.

We could always use more GOOD people.


Thanks for reading.

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