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Billy Mays 3.0 Pt. 3

On your website it says “a cultural movement to accentuate the dreamlike nature of reality through artistic media and symbolism”. Can you go into depth what that means to you?

Remembering you are dreaming dot com it was you are talking about.  It is not like this is “my” website. It is the collectives website. We kind of host everything from there.

It is something that just formed to be the umbrella that holds all the projects. All my projects, all my friends projects and the family, the extended family of people that I work with. We call it collective, but that language that you just read we realized it was philosophical approach to it.  It is not necessarily based on a genre or anything or a medium itself and it is not about music in particular. It is more about life.  I am slowly developing that with all my friends and the people involved. What’s the message behind it?

I call it that, because that is what I feel is at the core of it. For instance when you come to an installation I want it to be very oddly familiar kind of weird feeling there is this unique thing happening.

Like if it happened in a dream you would explain like holy shit I went to this place and there was this guy just conjuring music with his electronic sounds and everyone around me was just doing random things, and you would think that was like a dream. You would start explaining it ,but i look at life that way we kind of stumble into places  we can’t explain how we got there really or we can. We make up this linear story but really there is all this random shit happening and we are trying to make sense of it.

I look at art this way too. You have to focus your attention some where and once you put your attention there creation just kind of happens.

I could go forever about this!

I hope that eventually the art that we make just embodies this.

The kind of the goal is we don’t have to preach about it we inspire and we inspire ourselves.Support each other to make stuff freely and all that stuff would naturally be a reminder that life is really dream like.

We don’t have to separate. You know like oh…. that was just a dream.

Your dreams affect your life, but your life is just like the dream state. Dreaming is just a microcosm of life all the shit that happens in dream seems absurd when your living, but when your in it you think it is normal life.

There is all this symbolism, all this metaphor and the same thing is happening in real life the moments when I am really flowing with life I would look at you and the things that you saying to me. Are really me, saying those things to myself. So, what you choose to say in response to what I said was just oozing with metaphors for me to take in or lessons about myself, because you are reflecting me and I am reflecting you too. I would hope that everyone starts to get on that thing that my surroundings the way I see them is what gives them meaning.

If I decide to take a deep meaning which i do with the painting behind you. I don’t know who made that?

Who made that?

Gio: Kayley.


Okay that’s awesome. I don’t what that style is called or if there is a style. I feel like a lot of people come to that style. I followed one artist during that time of gently that was making that art, I remember making gently and looking at art like that. So, the whole time I am telling you about gently I am having this symbolic thing going on. That I would never tell anyone about the only reason I would bring it up would be to demonstrate the internal methodology that can happen in someone’s life.

We use language to do it and we use art to express our own inner methodology. With out going to much further that is the message for remember you are dreaming. A reminder to treat life like your in a dream where all the people are there there for your lesson good and bad. If you’re upset with someone there is something about them to make you upset so you could learn more about yourself.

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