Passion Or Distraction

Passion Or Distraction

By: Giovanni Cerro

Ch. 1

There must be a time in a persons life where they look back and say, I have lived a full life or they regret what they did not try.

I know at the age of thirty I look back on my life and say to myself I should have tried harder or I should have done this and it is these little regrets that slowly eat at your soul.

With every unfilled wish or dream you knock down your ambition and submit yourself into a corner of fear. A fear that is brought on by no one other than yourself. It manifests itself in small voices sounding like…you can’t…you shouldn’t…that’s crazy… only to talk yourself out of all these beautiful ideas you have.

When we live this way we tend to allow our lives to be consumed by distraction.

Mindless activities that fill voids which otherwise could be time for passion (things that excite the mind or create enthusiasm). It dawns on me that the most noble thing that I could do for myself. Is to be intensely ME and not to worry about the limits that society tells me. Allowing myself to live outside the confines of others peoples standards. Setting the bar for myself always slightly out of reach. Not because I don’t want to reach my goals but because you can’t stop improving upon your skills whatever they maybe.

Look around you who are your friends? Who are idols? Who are your mentors? who is holding you back? Where do you want to go in life?

These questions are imperative if you don’t ask yourself these questions; who will?

No matter where you are in life we will always have something we will look back upon and say, things could have been different.

What I am asking is don’t live like that anymore don’t allow yourself to look back ever again and say I didn’t put in enough effort.

You don’t have anymore time to waste our lives are ending exponentially faster each day. The beauty is in the mistakes.

Make some Mistakes.

1 comment on “Passion Or Distraction

  1. Cheryl Robsham

    Gio you are absolutely on the right path!Your blog is inspirational and should be shared-you are definitely a very gifted writer! Chevy


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