You are currently doing an ambient installation tour in St. Petersburg FL, has that been in the works for a while or was it more spontaneous?


As I said before that was kind of what I was most comfortable in. These installation situations. I wouldn’t have called them that back then, but when I would play background music for like an art show or something it was kind of the ideal way to listen to my music. Which was like you can kind of pay attention to it or not and to be in a comfortable place to do it for a long time.

There were a lot of different situations that came up in my life where I would be able to play these long form sets and there was always something about it where I would get really deep into them and everyone else would too. I would say yes it has been in the works for a long time, but it was basically like I said before I am finally able to articulate the vision and what needed to happen.

I think I only solidified the vision and starting moving towards it in December.  I felt that I could just move on this now and this is what I want to do, and I could focus 2017 to be this series and I want to take it on the road. I also want to do it as locally as I can and it was one of those things in two or three weeks I had all the flyers I had the first month of it booked it was like “wow” you can tell when something was meant to happen when people were like “yeah sure ill do that”.

I got sponsors Black Crow, daddy Kool records, Green Bench Brewing CO. I got sponsors and I had never got sponsors before so it meant that somebody understood what it was that I was doing and trusting that it was worth it to sponsor me. It was all these validations that I should keep doing this.

Now here we are we did the first month of it and I feel extremely successful almost more successful than I anticipated. I feel people get it and people are showing up to multiple ones like you and other people. People are interacting with it in new ways. People are sharing the art that they make during it. Sharing inspiration that they got during it insights. It is just really nice because it does become a form of co- creation. The culture that is building around it helps me evolve inside it and what I can offer in it, through it , just what it is in general.  

Already there has been things such as I want to do one at the Tampa Museum Of Art and already I have been asked to an event at the Tampa Museum Of Art and do an installation at it is called Gasp The Gasparilla Fringe Festival it is march 31st a Friday night. They are letting me have one of these rooms that is going to be like a lounge at the event and it is going to be an ambient installation. That is my in to the museum, it is a sign like wow I got asked to do it. I didn’t even have any idea that this event was happening and they asked me to be a part of it.

I have ambitions to do it at bigger places around town The Dali i’m kind of just talking about it I don’t know anyone specifically at the Dali, but I feel like it mixes well with it.

Other places in Tampa, but I am building towards taking it out of town to places all over the country that’s why I say it might go beyond this year. It might just be something that I keep doing it might just be how my shows are mostly in the future.

billys on the road

I feel like what people are getting besides a different kind of performance is they are watching me work they are watching me practice basically. The way I practice is just progressive it is not like I keep harping on the same idea I just evolving it.

Whether it is privately or publicly it is kind of the same thing just kind of happening. For me the only way I can showcase this is in this long form thing.

Basically watching me make my album or at least the make the processes or habits that lead to my album.

There is something that just feels special about it feels like it is the unique thing that I want to do with my life.

You don’t really see other people doing something like this. It is not like they can’t I want other people to see it and think or I can do other forms of performance with my music if it doesn’t fit into a bar or something. I really hoping that is something people take out of it.

I just want to do something that inherently only I can do; which is my music.

The Infinite Third it is like an experience that encompasses all these different aspects of music and art, but it only comes together in this really specific way.

That is why the album is called “Channels”. It embodies the channeling of it like it is a process of opening and allowing rather than forcing. I am just setting up the environments where the channeling comes easy.  Where people come to co-create or give attention and influence it in their own way.

I have been to a few of your shows, what surprises you most after playing for a while and looking up at the crowd?

I think at the Loft was the first time I had my head down for the first hour and a half maybe longer. Knowing the loft it is usually like a low key party is happening so  I expected my quiet music to be more of  a background thing where everyone is just mingling and drinking

I look up after about 90 minutes the room is full and there is maybe 50 people just intently focused on the music I was oh so this isn’t that kind of thing. This is a show I actually for the first time stopped the music which I usually keep something going at all times.

I stopped it I just felt really compelled to thank you guys for being here and getting it and taking the time to recognize that the only reason the way it is happening up here the way it is is because the way it is out there and what is happening out there.

It was their choice to do that I just said come and do what you feel like doing and they felt like intently focusing yet probably reflecting, meditating, thinking.

It was the first time I said oh this is like a thing people are going to make it their own type of thing. People drew and shared their drawings with me. I have guest book that I let people sketch in so were are collecting this yearbook almost people sign and everything. That is cool I am going to add more elements to that soon maybe get multiple guest books figure out more ways to make markings on it.

There is an element of learning to see who is there and feel who is there without actually looking up and stopping with what I am doing. I am starting to see people out of the corner of my eye and think about them or remember something about them. There are times where certain friends will be there and I will just know that they are there,  but I haven’t seen them there it is like I hear them breathing or something.

Especially one of my best friends Michael was at one of them and I just heard this heavy breathing they way he kind of meditates during the music. I heard him, he was in the back of the room. I thought that is Michael. It has to be Michael and I look up an hour later and of course it was Michael.

I feel like that is starting to happen a lot and it is really nice to see people come support it and just put their own presence.That is how I look at it what they are really lending to the moment is their presence it could be all the things we are talking about they could dance with their presence they could ignore it.

body elec billy

No matter what they do it is going to affect the room. I want to call attention to that cause I don’t think crowds understand that a huge crowd at a venue doesn’t quite get how much their energy plays into energy into the artist. It should be that way it should be a give and take.

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