St. Pete Sunday Stroll

9:15 AM

I walk from my home to work, the route weaves me though downtown. As I approach Central Avenue and cross the street over to Jannus. I watch as the birds feast on discarded pizza crust from the evening before and as the delivery trucks drop of  product for the Sunday brunch crowd.  In passing Ringside I notice the sidewalk is littered with cigarettes, plastic cups, discrete plastic baggies, and filth.


I turn the corner on to central and walk up to 3rd street with each step I feel less empathetic towards the humans who fill these spaces at night, and with all this waste I see it is inevitable. We will one day destroy this planet.


I wonder when the geniuses of the world concoct their potions of gas and fire to send creatures of this world to distant places do they look down and see a sidewalk filled with cigarettes.

and I ask are we cancerous? I ask, although I don’t want to know the answer.

For how does someone stand  plaintiff and defendant of their own trial?

Walking briskly up central to 4th street I am embraced with a smell of freshly opened beer cans followed by regurgitated pineapple pizza. I come to a stop at 4th street and a man calls over to me “mijo” correctly identifying my ethnicity. He then asks me for a dollar, to which I declined rationalizing my decision by telling myself  that I would not enable this man to continue his addictions.

4th and central

As quickly as I judged this unknown face, I retreated in myself asking  who am I to judge what a person does with money I kindly depart with?

My walks ends in irony as I stop at my place of addiction.

Brew Delicious where I am served up a hot shot of caffeine.


I am left feeling disgusted at the mess on the street and with myself for thinking I am better than someone else because I have and that man does not.


1 comment on “St. Pete Sunday Stroll

  1. Cheryl Robsham

    Not for a minute do I see you thinking you are better than someone else! I think you are an example to this being to be respectful of our planet and each other.You can’t change others only your response to them…Be The Change Gio. Put your vision out there and you will make a difference…I am certain.

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