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From small things, great things grow.

There is no way out of this, we are all in. Life is going to kill you whether you like it or not.

If our only option in life is to die at some point why would we not go after an excellent life. How many times do we say we are going to do something and we fail and decide not to try again?

What needs to happen until something clicks?

How many times will you throw something at the wall till it sticks?

Is it even possible that we could reinvent ourselves?


From experience I know that it does not happen by writing it down in your journal repeatedly. It especially does not happen by listening to hours of motivational videos. These tactics for self motivation are great just often ineffective, usually great for short term spurts of energy. The way we change will only happen by reorienting our lives. This means looking at our day and realizing that it is time to get honest.

What is hurting me on a daily basis?

What do I need to start doing on a daily basis?

Taking a hard look at my past I realized that if I EXECUTED as much as I WROTE in my journal. My body would look different, my career would look different, my net worth would be different, my entire life would be completely different.

So, I ask myself why? Why do so many of us know what we need to do, but we don’t execute.

Maybe it is out of necessity?

Maybe it is out of fear?

If we want to be healthier and fit, we go to the gym, start eating better, we start applying common knowledge. If we want to save money, we make a budget and we don’t spend money on things we don’t need. If we don’t like our job, we want a new career, sometimes all that stands in our way is going back to school or simply applying to new jobs.

This blog, all my writing, the position I am in, the direction I am headed. I could of been here 7 years ago, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my time for a better future. It was a fear of missing out on things that were cool, combined with a fear of responsibility an a work load that seemed to much to handle. I couldn’t get a grip on my life. I was partying too much, and making too many excuses about why my life wasn’t working. It is an unfortunate road to take, but I think it is one that many do.

I don’t feel ashamed about my road it just is, and now I have experiences that give me the ability to offer insight to others when it is my time to do so.

It has been almost a year now that this blog was started. In the beginning, I set out to do great things in 2017, but I would get knocked down and come back and get knocked down again. It felt as things weren’t going right and at one point I said it would be better to give up, because it was not happening fast enough.

Patience is so hard to come by in our current paradigm, everything is instantaneous.

Feeling bad?

Take a few hits of dopamine off your cell phone. Whether it be shopping on amazon, sliding through Facebook, Instagram or Tinder. Gratification is fast and easy now a days.

Yet from small things, great things grow.

What I am talking about is the little things we do or do not do on a daily basis. We are forming habits either consciously or sub-consciously. How we put our day together over and over again decides how our future turns out.

We must take a bias towards action. We must make a schedule and stick to it. We are not going to enjoy everything on our schedule. Besides that, in the beginning we may only hit our schedule with about 70% accuracy. Don’t be to hard on yourself, remember if we are going to get the most out of our day we must do the un-sexy private daily actions that most people don’t see. So, consistency is more important here.

Yet, why don’t we do them? A lot of times we don’t do them because they are not necessary. That means your life will not get worse if you don’t take these actions. It also will not get better, and life can stay at status quo.

A straight comfy flat line. Which in some places would indicate death.

I am extremely grateful for all the things in my life: I have an intelligent, beautiful girlfriend. I left my one job to work at place where it aligns more with my values, and I am starting to feel very comfortable in my life.

Where contentment sleeps trouble lies.

It is when we get to a place where there is no reason to do more. Where we could live these days out and everything would be okay.

However, we know that there is more. There is something else we could achieve or want to achieve. Something much higher than what we already have.

Gallup took a survey and it showed that 71% of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their work. That means only 29% of people truly enjoy their work.

Nonetheless many of us do not take action to get out, we stay, we complain, and we become numb.

There is a way out, there is way you can level up. Start with a bias towards action. Start with focusing on things in your life that you would like to be better in and begin enjoying small wins of each day. You don’t need to quit your job today, but you need to make plan. You need a road map for your future and you will get detoured from time to time, but keep your destination in mind.

Everyday you should strive to gain the respect of yourself. By being committed to the things you say and the actions you take.

Understand that it is a patient stride in the direction you want. Life can be a lot of things, but don’t let it be a string of suffering because you didn’t want to put in the time.

Things can be different! They can be much different. I am a living proof!

If you want to change things in your life too, I ask to join and or follow me on a 90 day challenge.

You can find me on my instagram account “Not A Money Mission” . You can comment on this post below, and of course no challenge great without a hashtag to go along with it #makeadamnschedule.

The starting date will be 01/01/18.

The challenge will not focus on the end results as much as it will focus on each individual day.

Over the next few weeks, I will post important strategies on how to stay on track. What my schedule looks like, what my goals are, what books I am reading, and much more.

The whole idea of this experiment is to set a goal, but focus on your daily habits. Asking yourself how can I make today better than yesterday.

Which I believe happens in our micro-habit life, and it is the small accruing gains repeated daily that lead to success.

I am extremely excited to see where this journey takes us, and I hope you are too.

see you soon.

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